Laying out

Workshop before the work begins

The Selway-Fisher plan package for the Greenshank dinghy comes in several sheets and includes both an 8 plank (on each side) and a 6 plank design. The latter has wider planks below the waterline but preserves the close plank design where more visible.  The drawings use both a sheet layout and a table of offsets on one-foot increments to set points from which you use a spline (I used a piece of 1/4 round) to make the curved lines for the cuts. That’s a lot of measurement. When I actully started bending the spline I found that I had at least three completely wrong. 

Laying out

Rather than go through the measuring and cutting process twice for each sheet of plywood and double the chances of a serious error I screwed the two sheets together to make a 3/4 sheet and just cut once. It saved a lot of time and unlike a previous boat I did remember to position the sheets back to back so that the good side is on the outside on both sides of the boat.  After the cutting is done I wll have to duplicate certain of the measurements such as the position of the bulkheads to  the previously un-measured copies of the planks.   

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