The last of the cutting has been completed and a stern, bow and temporary midship bulkhead have been added to the pile of planks that will be Ivory. These last three pieces are great aids to visualization and I can at last get a real sense the shape of this boat. I now see how the planks will bend and join. The boat is wider than I had envisioned and the shape of the hull is pleasing. It will settle into the water and not try to stay on top like some of the flat-bottomed dinghys that I have built.

Last night I did a search looking for photos of completed Greenshanks and found very little. What I was looking for was detail showing how the seats were placed.  The S-F plan shows a sailing model and the forward thwart does double duty as the mast holder and so is further aft than one might have in the rowing version. I am also interested in building in a couple of water tight compartments but found no examples to follow so it looks as it will be design on the fly.


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