A new “Round the Island” race?

The first Round the Island race was held more than 20 years ago and after a few years the interest waned and the series ended. A few sporadic attempts were made to revive the idea but nothing came of it. Now it may have new life.

Rebranded as Round the Islands (note the plural) an attempt is being made to have the race in 2014 with a new route which includes the Magdelene Islands in Quebec and Pictou Island off Nova Scotia.

The race could be a 2 leg race with one leg from Charlottetown to Cap-aux-Meules going west around PEI and the other leg returning around Entry Island and Pictou Island. It has some interesting possibilities:

  • 360 miles with leg 1 = 190 miles and leg 2 = 150 miles
  • 2014 date could leverage Sesquicentennial funding
  • Through relatively fog-free waters (unlike Halifax – St. Pierre)
  • By adding Quebec port could interest Quebec boaters
  • Same year as next Halifax – St. Pierre – could be timed after that race to attract large boats
  • Some early interest from offshore racers clear from discussions at Halifax Boat Show
  • New major event could be of interest to new sponsors

The idea has been raised with the Northumberland Strait Yachting Association and the Charlottetown Yacht Club.  Contact has also een made with those involved in Quebec sailing activities.  Stay tumed for further developments


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