Soon to be seen on the Strait (maybe)

I was at a meeting of the Northumberland Strait Yachting Association at the Halifax Boat Show last weekend. The group promotes and regulates (sort of) cruising and racing on the strait. Lots of talk about the racing schedule and not too much about cruising. One of the objections raised to the idea of dropping a few races off the schedule is that there were quite a few members who joined only to take part in one race. Like all good committees we agreed to do nothing and have another look in the fall.

Given my sleek craft I am much more an advocate of cruising than in racing. I think that if we made the organization a little better known to the non-racers it might have more of a loyal following. A few more activities and a heightened profile could do as much for the members as additional races – especially since the participation numbers in races seem to be down in recent years. Since I like sailing swag I proposed that we design and sell a burgee as the beginning of a new identity program. While the current logo works for the web site it is a little too fussy to a burgee. I volunteered to design same since I knew that this was going to be a case of “squeaky wheel gets the shaft” anyway.

Here’s a possibility and one example of what I have come up with. The flag has the normal burgee shape. The design elements show the strait in blue with the green shores of the two coasts bracketing the water. Superimposed over the seascape is the triangular shape denoting a sail. The design is relatively simple for the burgee maker to construct and so should have modest cost. It doesn’t rely on design of any of the existing clubs who are supporters of the NStYA and so it should not be confusing. It also has bright colours which should be readily identifiable and cause questions when seen on member boats. It seems that blue and red appear on about 80% of burgees and green is relatively rare. This is one of about half a dozen possible designs using the same colours and design elements. It has been put out for comment from the NStYA executive. One of the goals it to have an attractive design so that sailors will want to add it to their burgee collection.


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