A Few Daubs Closer

Paint covers nothing up. Instead it highlights all the imperfections that I thought I was going to get away with. I knew this intellectually but I refused to know it emotionally.  As a result the application of the first coat of primer had the usual, and what should have been expected,  results.  Just when I thought I was going to put away the epoxy on this boat I found that there were just a few spots where a little more filler and fairing were required.

I had fastened on a pair of rub strips – made from leftover 3/8″ ply bedded in a good layer of epoxy and covered with some 2″ fibreglass ribbon.  The original plans called for 3/4″ strips but I was keen on using up plywood scraps where I could. The strips are somewhat sacrificial and can be replaced if they wear too quickly but they will protect the rest of the hull when the boat is dragged over the sand.

A good sanding followed the first primer coat and a little more filling and the second coat looked much better.   I have decided that the perfect is the enemy of the good and that I am perhaps imagining the impact of the remaining defects which I can see and which may attract the attention of no-one else. On the other hand the defects may be glaringly obvious that my boatbuilding skills have not much improved over the six boats that I have tackled.  I can chalk it up to impatience and an unwillingness to keep doing it until I get it right.

I flipped the boat over and  began the same process with the interior. As of this moment I have paused between the two coats of the primer  so tomorrow it will be the interior primer and then onward to the actual painting.  I haven’t decided on a final colour scheme but have taped off the rubrails, seats and transom with a view to covering those areas with a urethane varnish. The exterior of the hull will be a very dark blue (almost black)  Interlux Brightside Polyurethane finish and at this point I am leaning towards a cream interior.


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