While Waiting for the Varnish to dry …

The cold wind of reality is blowing outside, schools and work are canceled because of a late-season snowstorm and the daydreaming of getting the boat in the water in the next few weeks has been given a bit of a wake-up call. It gave me a chance to put a coat of varnish on the gunwales, transom of the boat. The spar varnish was about five years old and had a bit of a reddish tinge but as the first coat was more of a sealer and would be lightly sanded after drying for 36 hours or more it was a good opportunity to use up the bottom of the pint. If the weather improves this afternoon I can go out and get a new tin as well as the properly coloured paint for the tender interior. My experience has been that a good quality exterior house paint will work just fine and will be 1/2 the cost of fancy marine paint. The tender is, after all, a working adjunct to the yacht and not a yacht in and of itself.

The forced holiday gives me a chance to catch up on a little reading. While cruising the internet recently I followed a thread to Lodestar Books http://www.lodestarbooks.com/ a small publishing house un the UK promising “new and neglected nautical writing”. The emphasis thus far seems to be on the “neglected” and I for one am very glad. I had ordered three books in their Lodestar Library Series at a very attractive price and they were delivered by airmail within a week. Handsome books . I had intended to put them into the Ebony on-board library to read while cruising but I fear that I will not be able to resist getting into them…..True confessions… I have already read the first 25 pages of two of the volumes.

Reading isn’t sailing, but reading about sailing seems to help the off-water time more quickly. I am particularly fond of British books about small-boat, thin water sailing because I can really relate to it. The three Lodestar books were published in 1892, 1932 and 1934 respectively and with a few technology changes allowed for they could have been written about sailing today. I look forward to curling up with these volumes.

In the meantime I will add a new page to this site to post my acquisitions, and when I have consumed them – my comments and reviews. This (like the entire site) is mostly for my benefit.


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