…and some progress was made

I had almost forgotten how tedious painting of objects can be. Paint…wait to dry (usually 24 hours)…sand…paint…wait 24 hours…  Two coats of primer/sealer, two coats of finish, two coats of trim varnish etc. etc.  And of course who can forget the repairs, correction of mistakes and so forth.  With my predilection to use the cheapest brushes available a good deal of time was spent fishing errant bristles out of the finish, sanding those bits and painting again.  However the interior of the boat is almost finished.  A couple of touch up spots, removal of the masking tape on the seat joints and the final varnishing of the seats.  I was worried about how frail the centre thwart looked and imagined jumping down into the boat to have it shatter under my foot so I have added another strengthening member under the seat – hardly visible but it does add peace of mind.

Still to do…… screw in oarlock holders,  add eye bolt for painter (this may need an additional backing plate or stiffening member in to bow), turn boat over and paint bottom.

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