Armchair cruising and vicarious pleasures

I am a big fan of Dylan Winter’s series of professionally made videos detailing his on-again, off-again small-boat trip around England counter-clockwise. He is several years into the trip but has had so much fun exploring the creeks and backwaters of Essex and East Anglia that he still has miles to go. Collectively Titled “Keep Turning Left”  he now has hours of very pleasurable low anxiety of sailing on display.  I had tired a bit of Dylan as he veered off on a number of videos on motors and repairs and on the building of a duck punt but he seems now to be back on the water.  I especially like that he goes where the big boats don’t. I envy him in his ability to sail all year long  rather than facing a six month period laid up on shore each year.  I certainly recommend the nicely priced DVDs of the series that Dylan has prepared in high-definition that look great on the TV.

A recent entry on Dylan Winter’s blog associated with the site has pointed me to another U.K. circumnavigation, this one actually finished and in a clockwise direction. Although less polished and professionally produced and in a much larger boat (a Dufor 34) which spends far too much time motoring rather than sailing the series of  27  six to ten minute videos is still an inspiration to get out and get going.  The series is under the title “Right Hand Down a Bit” and can be found on YouTube. The link is to the first video in the series.


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