The Marine Quarterly

I am not exactly sure how I got to the Marine Quarterly but I think it started with a link from Dylan Winter’s “Keep Turning Left” site which led me somewhere else and after about a dozen links I ended up at The Marine Quarterly.  I’m a sucker for little magazines and journals and this one looked great on the website so I ordered the first and second numbers from when it started its publication in 2011.

It is a true miscellany with little bits of very British nautical articles. The two issues which I have seen are just over one hundred pages each.  Most articles are five or six pages with the odd major piece going to twenty-five. I like the English approach to sailing and the sea and the simple narrative form for cruising stories – especially those in small boats.  In the second number for example there is a big article on the Thames Sailing Barge and about a dozen on topics ranging from Falklands Islands Hydrography to the life of the Grey seal to sailing advice from Hilaire Belloc which is worth repeating:

  • Cruising is not racing
  • Get everything shipshape and, so far as you can, keep it shipshape
  • Keep tight decks
  • Have an anchor heavy enough for your craft
  • Don’t keep too close to the wind, let her sail, keep her full

There is a nice  listing of the editor’s book shelf with short reviews of noteworthy books – not all of which are new publications. The whole package is very nicely put up with some very fine line drawing illustrations.  All in all, an enjoyable read and I was tempted to subscribe.  Given what is on offer the price is not unreasonable 10 pounds per issue whether in single copy or subscription with a flat 15 pounds for shipping.  A year’s worth for 55 pounds.  And yet….  I have been heavily into buying used books and could get quite a bookshelf  of sailing literature and guides for what amounts to about $90.00. However I will keep an eye on the webpage with the table of contents listings and can always order anything that catches my eye.


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