Dinghy launched

After gracing my back deck for what seemed like months waiting for decent weather, and then trying to find a kind soul with a pick-up truck that I wouldn’t mind being beholding to I finally have gotten the boat into the water and I must say I am well and truly pleased with my efforts. The little greenshank rows well, is relatively stable and tows easily under both power and sail.  This afternoon I had a trial excursion sailing out to Cumberland, anchoring , and then rowing in to shore. A very satisfying experience.  Initially I had made the oars just a little too long and barked my knuckles as I haven’t mastered to overlapping rowing technique (which seems a recipe for disaster in a pram where there are all sorts of back and forth strokes). However, quick work with the saw, rasp and sandpaper and new slightly shorter oars emerged. A bonus is that they now fit more easily into the boat. [Click on any of the images for a larger view]


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