Monday night racing

Monday night racing has been a fixture at the Charlottetown Yacht Club for upwards of fifty years. It is the more reserved counterpart of Wednesday night racing which is the more strenious spinnaker races on Wednesdays. Mondays are “white sail” without the fancy and colourful sails which many of the racing boats possess. Wednesday courses are designed for upwind beats followed by spinnaker runs and are more of the sausage shaped courses. The Monday courses are usually more of the “tour de harbour” variety with the navigation buoys used as race marks. Ever since I first sailed my Nordica 16 “Strait Rhumb” I have been a Monday participant. Generally it was glorious sailing and we took pride in the fact that the race was never over until we crossed the finish line. Sometimes that meant that everyone had gone home, the club was locked up, the lights turned off and we were asked to write down our own finishing time.

Last night my crew was unable to make the race and rather than singlehanding I took the opportunity to cruise in and around the racing fleet. I took my camera and recorded both still pics and moving footage as seen below.


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