The Island jig-saw massacre

IMG_3561 IMG_3564Owing to my past experience there is always a moment of trepidation before I start hacking and hewing away at the lovely clean sheets of plywood.  How will I screw up this time? No matter how many time you measure you can only cut once. If you are lucky you cut too large and then can cut again but usually the cut is on the wrong side of the line, or on the wrong line.

Rather than cut one half of the planks and then using them as a template for the other half, I clamped two sheets together and cut everything at once. And yes, I remembered to position them so that the good sides of the plywood were reversed so I got a proper mirror image.

When I finished cutting I laid out the results of my labours on the floor and stood back in admiration. Yes, once planed smooth these plans will indeed for together.  But wait, could it be that the bulkheads don’t look quite right and when tested against the planks don’t fit right either?  I guess when they say measure twice they don’t mean once before and once afterwards.   Of course by now my three sheets of plywood were so chopped up that I couldn’t find a piece tall enough to fit the bulkheads.  I had a nice bit of wood left over from the last time I screwed up building a boat but even it was about 10mm to short.  Plan B was to splice two smaller pieces together. The splices would not be visible as they would be inside the buoyancy tanks and the splices would add a strengthening member to the bulkheads themselves.  Nice recovery Bozo….

Next on the agenda – smoothing the curves.

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