Toss n’ save

IMG_3566 stick-man-croppedLike a lot of boat owners I am easily impressed by all the “stuff” one can buy for the boat.  A Halman or Nordica may be well-equipped but there is always room for a little something , especially if it is clever.  At a boat show I am hard pressed to escape without contributing to the economy. The recent Halifax Boat Show wreaked its usual havoc with by sailing budget but I did find something new and it is so clever that I though it might be shared.  Toss n’ save is a throwable lifeline and floatation aid. It looks a lot like a giant yo-yo.  The rescue orange foam disc is about a foot across and the floating braided 50 foot line curls around it for storage. To deploy it you just throw it like a frisbee and the line uncoils as it goes out. It has 10 lb. floatation and is easy to get a hand or arm through for retrieval.  It makes an addition or an alternative to the standard life ring.   It was a decent price.  Details can be found at  I have no financial interest in the product but I purchased one and I think it might be a useful addition to the boat.


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