Before beginning on any boat building project one of the first tasks is to count the number of clamps on hand. Take that number, multiply by 1.75 and you can be assured that the resulting figure will not exceed the number of clamps you need.  As a matter of fact it is a mathematical law that even if you increase the number of clamps by a factor of two or even three you will still not have enough.

That is the situation this morning, as seen above.  I would like to have inserted both inwales to be sure that the pressures were even on both sides of the boat but had enough clamps for only one side. I have glued, clamped down and screwed in the inwales with crossed fingers.

I have to cut this posting short but I have to pop out and buy some more clamps!


1 thought on “Clamped!

  1. Reg Hare

    First time on this site, Will be following it to keep abreast of small boat sailing in the NB, NS and PEI area. I am at the same spot in my build-outer gunwale clamped. Building a 19’6″ surf dory similar to that on “Doryman’s” masthead.


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