Inside to outside

There does come a point when there is little to be gained with continual refining of the interior and the builder must face the reality of tackling the outside of the Medway Skiff.  I have added the gunwales to strengthen the sides and add a graceful curve to the upper planks. The bulkheads are in place but they will need trimming. The seat is lacking and the whole surface will have to be sanded and prepared for painting. There is a certain anxiety to looking at the other side of the boat because many of the imperfections which have been covered up on the inside through liberal applications of epoxy may just look even worse on the outside.

I slid the saw horses out from under the hull. It is still surprisingly light, probably about seventy pounds, including the sixty-five pounds of epoxy and is easy to turn over revealing the bottom.  There are a few immediately obvious imperfections; places where the popsicle-stock fillets need to be planed down, globs of epoxy which have leaked through the smaller gaps, joins which don’t quit march up, a slight variation in the keel line which is not perfectly level, a minor twist in the hull which shows about 15mm difference off-level between bow and stern. In short, the usual things, some of which can be fixed and some which I will have to ignore until I cease seeing them.  Nothing that a lot of sanding and a very shiny coat of paint won’t distract the viewer from.  The photos don’t do the problems justice and that is just as well at this point.

IMG_3634 (2)

Even the stern which gave me no end of concern while under construction is developing the wineglass shape which had been promised in the building plans.

IMG_3632 (2)

The bow needs work which is thankfully hidden in this photo but  there is some evidence that the Medway Skill does have a measure of grace in its lines.

All in all, I am pleased with how it is coming.


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