My new best woodworking friend

My Stanley Block Plane has been kicked out of my favourite tool listing in favor of a small Japanese-style pull saw. I found a number of uses for the saw in the construction of the Medway Skiff where the saw’s ability to slice through both pine and plywood without effort made a big difference in the construction.

IMG_3626The saw is not very big – the blade is only 150mm long and is a nice size for small work and detail cutting. The handle is an unprepossing plastic.  The value is in the sharpness of the teeth and the thinness of the blade. Because it cuts on the pull stroke you don’t have to worry so much about the saw buckling. The made-in-Japan saw goes by the very English name of Spear and Jackson Predator. (model B98Pull150)  I got mine at Lee Valley Tools    last year at a price less than $20 but their site no longer lists this particular model, although they do carry other Japanese saws. The only other reference I found was to a couple of English suppliers.  This is my first experience with this type of saw but I am certainly interested in trying some of the other styles and models.



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