Row, row row your boat

Since launching the Medway Skiff I have taken advantage of a spate of good weather to spend time learning the boat. Although more tender than the Greenshank it rows much better. The added three feet of waterline combined with a much sleeker design make for a huge difference. It is a pleasure to row and I have been able to put in an hour or so or rowing most mornings.  There are few other boats in at the yacht club and I have so far logged more hours afloat than any other boat in the club.  This week conditions have ranged from oily calm through fog to a brisk chop and a few days when it would not have been pleasant to be out.

However I have not been alone in the harbour. This week marked the beginning of the cruise ship season with the Holland-America Veedam visiting the port.  I circled the harbour coming up under the bows of the ship

Veedam at Charlottetown

Veedam at Charlottetown

The next day saw more of a chop and I set out to do a tour of the buoys from Middleground, across the channel to Langley and then back to the marina. Just as I started heading back the Coast Guard buoy tender was leaving harbour. I got a nice photo and a  wave from the bridge.

Edward Cornwallis leaving port

Edward Cornwallis leaving port

The following day a fog was rolling in as I started out and by the time I reached Middleground the whole harbour was socked in. It didn’t last long and there was a cosy feel because I felt I was in a room with  fuzzy walls. I took a little video to show what it was like in the harbour. Note the strong incoming tide. I was rowing against this on the way out and was able to ride it home.

Middle ground buoy in middle of fog

Middle ground buoy in middle of fog

Yesterday I was followed by three very curious seals. They would surface, check me out and then slip beneath the surface.  I tried the mimic their sound of blowing when they cam to the surface. They seem much like dogs (and even look a little like them).  I am sure there are dozens in the harbour and for them I am the novelty.

IMG_2763 (2)IMG_2765 (2)


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