Day six on the water

Harbour 2

Long before Ebony splashed in for the season I had hoped to record 100 days of sailing in 2013. Of course “a thousand thwarting details suffer the fixidity of every great purpose” and poor weather combined with the need to do some repairs to the Halman 20 delayed launch until yesterday and she still needs to have the mast stepped.  I have therefore decide to alter the goal from 100 days of sailing to 100 days on the water enabling me to count excursions in the Medway Skiff.

Today, after puttering about on Ebony for several house (cleaning, loading the hundreds of items I had removed in the fall and getting the mast ready for stepping at high tide tomorrow)  I made not one, but two, trips under oar power.

Harbour 1The afternoon was a glassy calm and rather than overly exert myself  I simply rowed to the middle of the harbour and rested on my oars enjoying the sun, the warmth, the view and the silence.  The latter was interrupted only by my friend the curious seal who broke the surface several times near the boat, eyed me and then disappeared.  I was the only boat moving in IMG_2788the harbour although another of the cruise ships had steamed in at breakfast time and stayed until 5:00 pm turning herds of tourists loose on the streets.  We will have more than fifty cruise ship visits in the summer and fall and on a few dates there will be three in the harbour at the same time,  one tied up at the dock and the other two lightering passengers in to shore.

In the evening it was the regular Wednesday night face from the yacht club and I rowed out to the course to get  a few photos

Midnight 3IMG_2816








IMG_2804Babe 3


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