Holland Cove

Holland Cove aerialOn most weekends and sometimes through the week the anchorage at Holland Cove is a popular spot with Charlottetown-based boaters.  Its sandy bottom and south-facing shore ensure that the water is warm and the headland to the west shelters the cove somewhat from the prevailing south-west winds  and from the north but the cove is open to the south and east.  Most of the shoreline is thickly wooded and two small ponds lie behind the beach.  The woods hide most of the cottages which lie on the hill climbing from the shore. Because there are no public roads leading to the beach  the only users of the cove are local cottage owners. Most of the boaters respect their privacy and anchor off shore without landing.


The water is quite shallow and at low tide a wide expanse of beach is exposed.  There is a dramatic contrast between the high rich red cliffs and the pale sand.  For Ebony the IMG_2918anchorage at Holland Cove is ideal as with my 2’8″ draft I can easily get close to shore and even if I do take the ground the sand bars offer a soft landing for the keel.  I have seen photos of Halmans  careened on beaches for bottom painting and Holland Cove would be the place to give the activity a try.  On my visit last week I was the only boat in the cove and I spotted no-one on shore. The tide was high and I had my dinghy in tow so I went ashore and fought my way through the thick woods on the headland to get a view of the cove from above.  I had several motives but among them was a desire to see if I could find traces of the cottages which once stood atop the cliff.  I was able to get a number of photos seen in the gallery below.  Click on any of the images to start a brief slide show of the present state of the Cove.  My next posting will deal with a little of the history of the cove.

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