Snipeing at the Yacht Club

Charlottetown Yacht Club ca. 1960

Charlottetown Yacht Club ca. 1960

There are few photos of the old Charlottetown Yacht Club but many members have fond memories of the old spot. Built in 1938 its layout was emulated when the building had reached the end of its life and was replaced a few years after this photo was taken.  One of the most important features of the building was the veranda and care was taken to ensure that this was a part of the new building as well. Not visible in this photo but an essential part of the building’s contribution to the Club were several veranda fixtures such as Hal Bourke, Mac Irwin, Jean and Fred Small, and a young Plum MacDonald.  They dispensed advice, commentary and observations and were the corporate memory of the institution.

From the post card it can be clearly seen that this was the era of the Snipe although a couple of other class boats are visible as well.  Almost all of the ten boats visible were home-built. The concept of a “plastic” boat that you could buy was unknown at the CYC and the boats were noted as much for their varnished spars and other brightwork as for the sailing ability of their skippers and crews.

The background of the photo is a reminder of the humble appearance that the waterfront had in those pre-development days.  Immediately behind the club was the city barn and visible to the east are wholesale warehouses and the coal yard.  The photo itself was furnished by the Prince Edward Island Tourist Bureau and the card was published by H.H. Marshall Ltd.


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