Where the Wind Blows

Weather book002Sometimes the best of resources fade quickly from notice and have to be rediscovered by a whole new generation of users. Such is the case with Where the Wind Blows which is now almost 20 years old and is a book which I have never seen at any booksellers, even those specializing in marine books. I did however find it listed at both the Binnacle and the Nautical Mind on-line store. Subtitled “A guide to the marine weather of Atlantic Canada” this 1995 volume seems to have slipped below the horizon. I discovered it only by chance as a reference book suggested in an appendix to the text for the Canadian Sail and Power Squadron course on weather.

This is a first-class resource for anyone sailing in the waters of the four Atlantic provinces. It gives an excellent introduction to marine meteorology with sections on near and off-shore winds, shallow and deep-water sea states and information about storms and other weather phenomena with specific reference to examples from the area. As an introduction to the subject of weather it is a useful supplement to other resources such as the CPSS courses.

Unique to this publication and occupying about 2/3 of the 178 page book are detailed maps and discussion of specific weather effects in areas ranging from individual coves and harbours to larger expanses of water such as the Gulf.  It even has several pages dedicated to weather concerns encountered sailing on the Saint John River.

Weather book 1003 The charts and drawings include easy to interpret symbols depicting areas of wind channelling, gap wind, corner effects, katabatic winds, lee waves, crossing and choppy seas, tidal rips and shoaling.  It also shows dangerous winds, currents and areas of rough water.  This volume provides the weather dimension to information usually found in coastal pilot guides.

The book was published by Breakwater Books (ISBN 1-55081-119-3) and is still in print.  It is priced under $30.00 but can be obtained from sellers such as Amazon.ca and Indigo.com for about $20.00.

This is a highly recommended book for both the on-shore and on-boat libraries.


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