The Season Opener

It has been a long and painful winter. Bad enough that the sailing season is so short but this year really, really, really inclement weather in April and May resulted in everything being pushed back at least three weeks.  The “docks-in” day at the Charlottetown Yacht Club took place on one of the few good days near the end of April. I had worked with a few others on a project to refurbish the club tender, the “Fred Small” and added to my skill set by watching and learning and was pleased with the result.   However, from then on it was a series of perishing cold weeks that mitigated against working on the thousand and one pre-launch tasks, even for those whose boats were stored indoors.

Finally early last week the weather turned and Ebony was launched – the latest since I have owned her.  It is amazing how much one forgets over the course of the winter and how many of those little projects didn’t get done. And then there are the frustrations. A repositioning of the boom on the mast to give a few inches clearance was accompanied by the “clink – plop” of the reefing hook going over the side because I had loosened it to make the adjustment.

Later in the week we had one of those rare perfect days – a fresh breeze but with no chop on the water, warm enough to enjoy but not hot.   As the video shows it was not exactly a nail-biting ride but for the first sail of the season it was perfect. Slowly the other boats are beginning to emerge from their winter wraps but, like Ebony, things are at least two weeks behind other years.


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