Updates and Additions

Over the past few weeks additional information has been uncovered on a  number of earlier postings:

Doris 2Houseboat Doris – Although this is hardly a racing craft I have learned that it participated in a cruiser race in the  Georgetown Regatta in 1912 and that after serving as a family craft she was on the Bonshaw – Charlottetown  passenger and freight run in 1916. I have added this information to the Doris page.


Keppoch 14Keppoch – I have located a more recent new post card of the scene on Keppoch Beach which I had not seen before. Some readers may recognize regular residents on the beach at East Keppoch. The image has been added to the Keppoch gallery. It is interesting to see the shocking extent of the erosion that has taken place on Lobster Point.  In addition that page also has a comment/query on an image I identified as the Keppoch Beach Hotel. I have explained my reasoning as to the identification of that building which was moved from the original site.

Small015Questions still remain regarding the identification of the Restless and the Roamer.  One reader has stated that Restless had four portholes and the Roamer only sported three. If, so I have not been able to find any photos of the Restless. All the shots that I found show the boat or boats with three portholes only.  The only differences between the pictured boats seem to be the location of the companionway and the position of the rudder.  Does any one have a photo of one of these cruisers with four portholes?

5 thoughts on “Updates and Additions

  1. Glenn MacLeod

    Picture of Restless in her early life. family history has it that Hal launched Mom and Restless the same year 1926. Would like to see more pictures of her as i would like to make a model of her. Any help would be appreciated. Glenn MacLeod gedoelcam@hotmail.com

    1. sailstrait Post author

      Perhaps your mother lied about her age :{). The Guardian has a note that the Restless sailed to Cape Breton in the summer of 1924.

  2. Doug Rankin


    I went through some of my Dad’s slides and I as you can see by the attached Restless had (4) ports as see heads out on route to Shediac with a Snipe in tow (1963), (4th. port just under the side window of the cabin structure) it would appear that all of Fred’s pictures where of the Roamer. I do not have any pictures of the original Roamer but for fun here is the Roamer II in 1964, also CYC boats on the MacLeod/Bourke shore in the fall of 1962 and brother John getting some tips from Mac Irwin on Mom’s snipe 1962.





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