Preview of a pre-war Yacht Club photo album

Close competition at the mark. 1938 Regatta

Close competition at the mark. 1938 Regatta

Some years ago when John Dennis, a much travelled and (now) a senior member of the Charlottetown Yacht Club was Commodore of the club he was presented with two albums of photos documenting activities of club members before World War Two.  The two albums, one with snapshots and the other with larger images constitute a collection of more than 140 photographs documenting many aspects of the activities of Charlottetown Yacht Club members.  These include excursions to the West River, activities at the club and in the clubhouse, regattas in Charlottetown and Shediac and waterfront scenes.   Collectively they offer a portrait of a busy club and a fully engaged membership spending time on and about Charlottetown Harbour.

The photos are without caption or identification and the owner of the albums is not known.  There were several members of the club in those years who had an interest in photography and these photos complement other collections including the Bourke family album at the Public Archives and Records Office and the Charlottetown Yacht Club collection at that institution.  Although the ownership of the albums is not known I have a high degree of confidence that they belonged to Mac Irwin. Because he was central to the club during the pre-war years (and for a long time afterwards) and does not appear in any of the pictures I believe he was on the other side of the camera pressing the shutter.  His boat, the Roamer, makes several appearances but usually when moored suggesting the skipper/cameraman was ashore.

I have been fortunate to be able to scan the collection and the photos will provide the basis for several more blog postings in the future. There are pictures which will add to stories already told and others which will be new areas for me to explore. Some photos will need more research so they can be better identified and observations are welcomed. The photos will eventually be added to the Yacht Club collection at the Public Archives and Records Office where they can be accessed by the public.  In the meantime here is a preview of a few of the images. Click on any of the pictures to begin the slide show. (Best when viewed on a desktop computer)


8 thoughts on “Preview of a pre-war Yacht Club photo album

    1. sailstrait Post author

      There are no locations given in the photo album but from other sources and clues in the photos themselves I can locate most of them. In the coming weeks I will be posting more photos along with information about them. As I said this was just a small sample of the 140 pictures in the albums.

      1. Eric Bentley

        Several of the pictures are taken up the West River and in the Bonshaw area by what used to be Crosby’s Mills. The one with the flying boat I believe is in Shediac NB. I have a number of similar photos taken in and around Chalottetown Harbour. Most of the pictures would have been taken in 1938-39 I believe.
        I have posted comments under a couple of the photos – for some reason whenever I post a comment a picture of some lady comes up beside my post.

      2. Eric Bentley

        I have several pictures taken in and around the Harbour in about 1938-9. If you are interested, let me know how to forward or post them to your site. eb

      3. sailstrait Post author

        Thank you for your interest in the site. I am not sure that WordPress is set up like Facebook to provide for others posting directly to my pages. However I am very interested in other Yacht Club photos and will incorporate them in future postings. I thank you for the identifications you have provided and will be noting them as I used more of the photos from the preview of the Irwin albums. There are still over 100 pictures which I have no shown. Some of them are repetitive and others of marginal quality but I will continue to select the best to tell the Club’s story. If you have photos you can scan them (300 dpi will give excellent quality for any reproduction) and send then to me at my e-mail account harry.holman[at]

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