Rocky Point Wharf …. (sorry that should read – Breakwater) – cost nearly half a million.

1916 Chart showing location of old and new Rocky Point Ferry wharves.

There is a brief post-script to my recent posting concerning the Rocky Point Wharf (available here).  The Charlottetown C.B.C. news today carries an item noting the destruction of the wharf yesterday (you read it here two weeks earlier – standard CBC up to the minute reportage).  Ostensibly the removal was in reaction to the washing up of a few timbers on the shore which outraged local residents. No doubt the province’s insurance risk managers also threw a hissy-fit about the liability of the crumbling structure.

Rather than let the wharf crumble away (as wharves have been doing along our shores for hundreds of years) and leave an eroding rock-pile the Province opted to spend nearly half a million dollars – about $3.00 for every man, woman and child in the province – turning the wharf site into a breakwater.  The problem being that there is absolutely no need of a breakwater at Rocky Point.

On the other hand the need for a breakwater at the site of Paoli’s Wharf, which would protect the Charlottetown waterfront from sea-level rise and the prevailing destructive south-east winds and waves, is ignored.  Had the rock dumped at Rocky Point been used to stabilize the Paoli’s site then there would have been real benefit to the City and its residents.  Surely there must be a better way of moving dollars from taxpayers to contractors than this!

While I normally resist using Sailstrait as a pulpit for my rants the breakwater at Rocky Point seems to be beyond the normal level of stupidity to which we are accustomed. I apologize for those who might have a low level of offense.


2 thoughts on “Rocky Point Wharf …. (sorry that should read – Breakwater) – cost nearly half a million.

  1. Carol

    Another case of reactive vs proactive action. As always, the squeaky wheel gets the oil…. Setting a terrible example for future squeaky wheels….


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