An Update on the Italian Airmada of 1933

Spectators viewing Italian seaplane from Balbo flight. Victoria 1933

In 2016 I posted an entry concerning the landing of an Italian seaplane piloted by Captain Umberto Rovis on the harbour at Victoria. The aeroplane was part of a group of Italian seaplanes that flew from Rome to Chicago and return. That posting, which contains background for the excursion and details of how this plane ended up in Victoria, can be found by clicking here

At the time I was not aware that the event had been well documented by an unknown photographer. Those photos were turned into real photo postcards. Avid postcard collector Phil Culhane recently acquired a number of these cards and I am indebted to him for allowing these to be republished on this site. In addition to being seen here they have also been added to a postscript to the original posting. The images can be seen as a slideshow by clicking on the image below.


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