Blockhouse Point Lobster Hatchery

Today Blockhouse lighthouse stands alone on the headland on the western side  of the channel leading into Charlottetown Harbour but from 1904 until 1919 it shared the site with the Dominion Government lobster hatchery.  Toward the beginning of the twentieth century the lobster industry which had developed seemingly overnight in the 1880s with improvements in canning and […]

The Light at Blockhouse Point

There seem to be no images of the first light structure marking the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour but in recent years the present building has become one of the most photographed buildings in the province.  The building on Blockhouse Point has a striking appearance with the light tower and its large attached dwelling and is most […]

W. S. Louson and his pictures of Blockhouse Point

Frequent readers of this series may have noticed that postcard images are frequently used to illustrate the marine and coastal heritage of the province. We are fortunate to have a rich source of high quality images – perhaps as many as 500 postcard images from before the Great War – and they document many aspects of Prince Edward […]