Medway Skiff


The Medway skiff is a Selway-Fisher design for an 11 foot rowing boat. Here is the  description from the Selway-Fisher web site:

The Medway 11 is a rowing skiff development of our Medway Doble design. We have retained the same 3 plywood planks per side and the simple stitch and tape method of construction. She uses just 3 sheets of 5 or 6mmplywood. As drawn, she is fitted out for single use with a central rowing thwart and with buoyancy/stowage compartments at either end. These can be replaced by seating so that she could take 3 adults. Her ‘V’ bottomed hull section has a moderate waterline beam keeping the wetted surface area to a minimum making her easy to row and straight tracking. She has a ‘wineglass’ shaped transom giving her some width at deck level with basically a double ended hull form at the waterline. 

I constructed the boat in the winter of 2013 and working on a very sporadic schedule I was able to complete it in about 2 1/2 months.  A more accelerated schedule is possible but allowance must be made for adequate time for drying and setting of epoxy and paint.

Medway skiff building sequence

Preparing to do battle with the wood gods

Laying out

Cutting Planks

Stitching 1

Stitching 2

Taping 1

Taping 2


Fairing and Sanding

Adding keel


Adding seat


Finish Coat










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