Yacht Club

CYC racing 1920

There has been pleasure boat activity in Charlottetown Harbour since at least the 1830s. This page is dedicated to the activities and associations which resulted in the formation of the Charlottetown Yacht Club.

1843 Regatta

Regattas Rules 1856 

Sailboat races 1898

The Hillsborough Boating Club

A Deadly Race 1900

The Coronation Cup 1904

Spithead Race 1907

Charlottetown Aquatic Club

1915 update

Founding the Charlottetown Yacht Club 1922

First Commodore – Commander Lewin

Charlottetown  Yacht Club 1922

Yacht Cub in Tourist Promotion 1923

Regatta Day 1935

Commodore Morris goes to Shediac

New CYC Clubhouse 1937

Sea Scouts and the CYC

Confederation Regatta 1939

First Post-war Regatta 1947

Boy Scout Regatta 1964

Labatt Challenge Canada 1984

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