CYC takes Honours in 1st Post-War Regatta held in Charlottetown

Snipes at CYC

Snipes racing at Charlottetown Yacht Club – Mac Irwin photo

Yacht racing in Charlottetown Harbour was greatly reduced during World War II. Although there was local racing at the CYC and the social events continued, swelled in many cases by the visiting military personnel training in Charlottetown the inter-club races under the auspices of the Yacht Racing Association of Northumberland Strait (YRANS) appears to have been suspended after the 1942 regatta in Shediac.

In 1946 the series returned and a YRANS regatta was held in Shediac which included a contingent of Charlottetown sailors. The 1947 Regatta was the first to be held in Charlottetown since 1938 and there was a high level of anticipation as the eighth of August approached. Boats were entered from clubs along Northumberland Strait as well as from the Royal Kennebecassis Yacht Club in Saint John. The latter boats were the first of the out-of province boats to arrive with one of the large class three yachts and two snipes being trucked from the New Brunswick Club.

Brant #2

Government Steamer Brant was often used to carry racing yachts between clubs for regattas

Boats from both Shediac and Summerside arrived on the morning of the two-day regatta. The smaller boats such as snipes had been carried on the Dominion Government Steamer Brant and the larger sail boats had accompanied the steamer in convoy. The services of the steamer had been secured through the influence of Prince County M.P., J. Watson MacNaught.  With ten boats from the host club, five from each of Shediac and Pictou, four from Summerside and three from Saint John there were a total of twenty-seven boats in the five classes of the regatta, ten in the snipe Class alone.

"Scout" sailed by Billie Bourke, crewed by Elaine Porter PARO HF.87.109.9

“Scout” sailed by Billie Bourke, crewed by Elaine Porter
PARO HF.87.109.9

The snipe class races were the most closely contested. One of the Saint John boats, the Halcyon skippered by Don Holder, was the reigning Northumberland Straits champion but he faced plenty of competition. After the two days of racing, Charlottetown skipper Billie Bourke was the new champion for the class with her boat Scout. A Saint John boat was second and two more Charlottetown snipes, George Wood’s Wren, and Wings, helmed by Ann Sadler, were tied for third.

Charlottetown boats also led other classes. In class 3 Mac Irwin’s Zenith was the winner while class 2 honours were taken by Louis McMurrer in his boat Aeolus. Mac Irwin also took the trophy for the highest total points scored with Billie Bourke a close second.  Jack Johnston, also from Charlottetown, sailing in Jeep, won the handicap race. Cherry MacGregor of Pictou won a special trophy for combined sportsmanship and seamanship. Owing to the many excellent finishes by CYC skippers the Charlottetown Yacht Club was awarded the overall Regatta trophy.

Following the Saturday races a banquet was held for all participants at the Charlottetown Hotel with CYC vice-Commodore K.M. Martin presiding. Everyone then returned to the Yacht Club facilities for the presentation of trophies and awards sponsored by local merchants and supporters, followed by a dance for club members and their guests with music by John Sterns and his band.



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